Top 9 must have Chrome extensions

Top 9 must have Chrome extensions

Internet has become one of the important, if not the most important thing in our life. To access the internet we need a crucial thing – A Web Browser. A handful of browsers rules today’s market. My personal favorite is Chrome because its fast, user-friendly, really flexible, and it’s from Google. Web browsers are no more those dull systems that only retrieved information. Thanks to these chrome extensions that we get today, we can do a lot more with them.

We present to you some must have chrome extensions.

9. Stayfocused



How many times does it happen that you have your exam or presentation tomorrow and you perform badly in it just because you wasted your time on social media. This extension is very useful for such people. You can block an entire site, a specific web page, multiple sites using stayfocused. See the countdown on the image above, that is the total time(for one whole day) you get to spend on the sites you blocked. You get advanced options where you can change the allowed time, blocked sites, allowed sites, reset time etc.


You must be thinking that I can always disable chrome extensions from the settings. How about blocking the chrome extensions page itself. Choose wisely!

Developed by: Transfusion Media

Size: 334kb

Cost: Free

Add stayfocused to your chrome

8. Grammarly

When it comes to Grammar, we all face embarrassment. I blame our shortcut generation that tries to write everything in smilies. This extension makes sure we don’t face that embarrassment. Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement chrome extension that you can be embedded in your browser. It works on Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and millions of other sites. once installed, you can see a small green color logo on the bottom right corner of your editor on all the sites that Grammarly supports. The logo turns red if an error is found.


Grammarly protects you from 250 kinds of grammatical mistakes. Be it confusing words, missing article or a more impactful word, Grammarly provides all kinds of help. So next time you post something on Facebook, make sure it is correct.

grammarly 2

Developed by:

Size: 2.09mb

Cost: Free

Add Grammarly to your chrome

7. Evernote Web Clipper

If you are tired of the limitations of bookmarks, if you surf the internet for research purposes then you should try this extension. This chrome extension lets you save articles, full web pages, selected text, create screenshots, images, and save important mails. It saves all the information online so that you can access it anywhere.


Click the elephant button in the toolbar to launch web clipper. Choose the type of clip you want, full-page or section of a page, normal article or a simplified article.

Capture screenshot of web pages, then select an Annotate tool to highlight content using visual methods such as  arrows, marker tool, image highlighter  etc.


Developed by:

Size: 3.98mb

Cost: Free

Add Evernote Web Clipper to your chrome

6. Momentum


This default new tab of chrome is good enough, nothing against it. But it becomes a bit tedious after some time. If you also get bored seeing the same tab again and again then look at this image below.

momentum 2

This is momentum! Cool, isn’t it. This google chrome extension provides a personalized dashboard featuring amazing wallpapers, to-do, weather and inspiration. You can set a daily focus, create a to-do list, get inspired by daily changing images and quotes. It is a very useful extension for procrastinators like me.

Developed by:

Size: 12.26mb

Cost: Free with premium upgradations

Add Momentum to your chrome

5. Hover Zoom+


This image and the title itself says it all. Just hover over an image to see its enlarged form. You can also zoom videos using Hover Zoom+. It supports all your favorite sites like Facebook, Amazon, Google Images, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Developed by: Oleg Anashkin

Size: 397kb

Status: Free

Add Hover Zoom+ to your Chrome

4. Honey

How often do you shop online? A lot, I guess. Shopping online is simple, flexible, you get lot of options to choose from. So everyone shops online these days. I bet you look out for online sales or have one of those ad inflicted coupon apps. Try Honey, it’s simple. Shop online normally, Honey appears automatically at checkout and applies coupons for you. Save a lot! You can also earn honeygold by inviting your friends through this chrome extension.


Honey works on all major stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, ebay etc.

Developed by:

Size: 541kb

Cost: Free

Add Honey to your Chrome

3. Adblock plus

Internet is filled with annoying ads. You find them on every page and all they do is waste data, time, make your browser and websites slow. With Adblock plus enabled, get rid of all obtrusive ads. This extension not only blocks ads but also saves you from malware, third-party tracking and blocks social media buttons. It blocks pop-ups, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and all other annoying ads. You can configure Adblock plus to allow/disallow the type of ads you want/do not want.




Developed by:

Size: 513kb

Cost: Free

Add Adblock Plus to your chrome

2. LastPass

This is the solution to your forgetting passwords problem. You might be having a lot of online accounts today. Every site demands their own account. I myself have an infinite number of accounts I don’t even remember. LastPass is a password manager that manages all your accounts. Only one password to remember- your LastPass master password. Just add all your accounts to LastPass vault and it will sync all your passwords with your LastPass master password. Then you can get secure access from any computer or mobile with just one password.


Developed by:

Size: 5.2mb

Cost: Free

Add LastPass to your Chrome

1. DotVPN

You may know what a VPN(Virtual Private Network) is, or you may not know what it is. I will tell you what VPN is and why you should start using one. A VPN is a private network that extends over public network or internet.  It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. With increased trespassing over the internet, it becomes essential to secure yourself. With VPN enabled, your system acts as if it is directly connected to the private network/server with no middle entities involved. DotVPN protects your identity, provides Wi-fi security, online privacy, and secure access to Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and all other sites in the world. There are a lot of chrome extensions that claim to be a good vpn for you but i personally like this one.


Developed by:

Size: 1.86mb

Cost: Free with premium upgradations

Add DotVPN to your Chrome

Wrap Up

This was our list of best chrome extensions out there. I tried to be versatile with this list so that it covers the broader picture. Comment down below if you liked this post and tell us your favorite chrome extension.


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