Top 9 IOT Products of 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 9 IOT Products of 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s go back 15 years of our lives. What do you see? Do you see Facebook, Youtube? Do you see the Internet? (Well, it was there but we weren’t using it that much) I guess the answer is No. Now, come back to the present day. My phone – It’s my precious! The world looks small now as if it is in my pocket. The internet has changed our living world. What it’s changing now, is the world of things( known as the Internet Of Things, IOT).

Internet of things( IOT) is an interconnection of computing devices embedded in our everyday objects via the internet, enabling them to send and receive data. If that doesn’t ring a bell, let us take an example.

Suppose, after a long at the office, you are heading back home in your car. You put home as your destination in the car and it automatically sends signals to your home. As you are about to reach home, your house starts to manage its air conditioning, readies a hot bath for you, controls the garage, etc, etc. This is IOT.

Here are some of the mind blowing IOT products for you to check out:

Panasonic Smart Table:

panasonic smart table iot product

A table that can be more than just a table. Do you remember Tony Stark’s table in Iron man on which he does all kind of cool stuff? Panasonic Smart table is kind of like that. You can surf the internet, Video chat, Control the whole house, even warm your coffee on it( not kidding!). Watch this video to have a clear look.

Panasonic is yet to confirm the release date of this smart table.

FitBark: Dog Activity Monitor

fitbark iot

You might have heard the name Fitbit. The market for health devices is growing fast and you may not be surprised that IOT has come into our life’s this much that it can monitor your lovable dog too. It allows you to track your dog’s activity, sleeping quality and habit, sends you relevant data on your mobile through their app which you can get in Play store or Apple store.


Smarter FridgeCam

frdigecam iot

I always forget what’s in my fridge. I guess that happens with most of the people. Also, it’s a huge task to do grocery shopping when you don’t have a track of your fridge inventory. Smarter Store has invented the world’s first wireless fridge camera that can be fit into any refrigerator which then sends you all the necessary information about your fridge through their smartphone app. It also keeps track of the Expiry dates, auto-replenish and suggests recipes based on the food in your fridge. You can avoid going to the grocery store as it can automatically create a shop list with your preferred online store.  To Know more about it or Pre Book it, you can visit smarter store website.


parrot: garden sensor

garden sensor iot

This one is for all the garden lovers out there. Parrot, a wireless drones company has built this product “Flower Power” which you can put in your garden(as shown in the image) and it tracks sunlight, fertilization, water level and soil moisture of your plants. You can then receive all the details on your smart phone and implement the necessary changes in your garden to see beautiful plants flourish.


Awair Glow: Air Quality Monitor Plug

awair glow iot

This Plug sets a great example for IOT devices, the way they get camouflaged in plain sight and their power to influence one’s living. Awair has developed a plug that does air monitoring of its surroundings. It tracks five basic components that determine air quality: Dust, Chemicals, Carbon dioxide, Temperature, and humidity.  It sends personalized recommendation to improve the air quality of your home on your phone.


Athos: Smart Fitness Clothing

athos fitness clothing iot

Everyone tries to be fit these days. Going to the gym, running, exercise or yoga. Athos brings you your personal trainer. This device comes attached to the body suit and acts as a core that sends live data about your body movements to your phone. It helps you take guided steps toward your goal. This device can be really useful for sports personals. Watch the video to understand more.

kolibree Ara Toothbrush

kolibree ara toothbrush iot

I always wonder if I brush my teeth correct. IOT is providing a solution for that too. Kolibree is an electronic company that has launched smart electric toothbrush known as Ara. It will tell you how you are brushing and what’s the correct way. Track your performance, connect to your phone via Bluetooth. I think this toothbrush can save your visit to the dentist.


Fenotek Smart Doorbell

Fenotek develops smart home products for its users and their biggest hit is Hi). Hi)  is like your home’s eye which monitors your house for security. It has a two-way audio channel and a one-way video channel that allows you to see who is at the door. The smart doorbell is connected to the Internet and sends alert to all the family members when someone rings the bell. It can also execute some pre-defined actions such as turn on lights, open the door, open blinds if a family member is in range. The bell sends alerts if it detects any unusual activity and can turn on the alarm. If you are away from home, this product is very useful for maintaining your peace of mind.

Sleep Number 360

Looks like a normal bed, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life. A sound sleep restores your body, mind, and soul. Sleep number 360 will help you experience your best sleep. The bed can adjust its firmness,  position based on your sleeping pattern. If you have a snoring habit, sleep number 360 has a solution for you. It can also control your bedroom’s temperature by integrating with the thermostat. In the morning it will send all the necessary details about your last night’s sleep. It won’t be wrong if I said it’s the bed of the future.


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