TOP 9 Game of Thrones Fandom Theories

TOP 9 Game of Thrones Fandom Theories

Game of Thrones fever just ended with the conclusion of Season 7. This season told us many things that GOT fans were expecting and also made some fan theories come true. The creation of ice dragon, love between Jon and Dany were just fan theories before season 7 aired. It is official that season 8 will be the last season of the epic saga and will only contain six episodes. Its production is expected to begin by October end and will only be available to us in 2019( that’s a lot of waiting!). Until that, we are only left with speculations and Fan theories. Here are some of the best Game of Thrones Theories that are out there and are worth a glance:

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Samwell is The Narrator

samwell is the narrator

This got theory is gaining a lot of heat lately. According to it, Samwell Tarly, the upcoming Maester of Westeros, is the narrator of the story. In season 7, Sam is seen in the Citadel working under  Archmaester Ebrose. Ebrose is writing a history titled ‘The Chronicles of the war following the death of King Robert I’. Doesn’t that sound familiar? That’s just the plot of Game of Thrones. Sam says to Maester Ebrose that the title is kind of boring and he would like it to be more poetic. What can be more poetic than the title of the book itself – ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘?

Arya Is Dead Theory


arya is dead theory

I personally hope that this theory is not true. This game of thrones Fandom states that Arya is actually dead and instead the waif is using her face. If you think about it, you don’t see the waif dying, and odds were heavily against the youngest Stark daughter in that fight. She got stabbed multiple times before in the stomach and has never defeated the waif before.

The Mad Queen

the mad queen theory

We all know about Aerys “The Mad King” and the psychedelic behavior of the Targaryens. It was thought that Daenerys will fill that role( her being the Mad king’s daughter and literally burning people alive by her dragons), but we have a new contender for it – Queen Cersei. She has blown large parts of King’s Landing using wild fire and has executed the most sadistic deaths in the whole series. If she overcomes this title, she will probably die by the hand(single handily!) of the Kingslayer(Jaime). According to the prophecy of ‘Maegi the Frog’ who told young Cersei that she will be killed by ‘the Valanqar’, which translates to ‘little brother’.It could mean Tyrion, or perhaps Jaime.

Bran is all the Brans!

bran is all the brans theory

Bran is one of the most important characters for the end of Thrones. He is also the one who started all this by seeing the Lannister incest. With the warging and time controlling abilities, it’s been confirmed that he can influence the past events( the Hodor event). This has led to the creation of Bran is all the Brans game of thrones theory which means that all the Brandon that exist in GRRM’s fiction are Bran itself. Bran the builder, who created the Wall, was also the same bran. He was also a cripple and a Greenseer like Bran himself. It is speculated that he created the wall by warging into other peoples body.

The Walkers are the good guys

walkers are the good guys theory

It would be a huge turnaround if we were to find out that walkers are the good guys. This theory is catching a lot of fire online. The concept behind it is that mankind has become corrupt and evil and walkers are here to cleanse the world. If you think about it, for the last 7 seasons of game of thrones we have been seeing the most sinful characters lying, raping, murdering, killing each other for one reason or another.

Three Headed Dragon

three headed dragon

This is the most popular fan theory out there. It comes out from the prophecy in the game of thrones books made about Danny. The Dragon has three heads! It has been interpreted as three dragon riders are needed in order to win the great war. Since Viserion has been converted into a white dragon, it leaves us with the remaining two. With the confirmation of infamous R+L=J theory this season, it’s almost inevitable that Jon will be riding Rhaegal alongside Danny on Drogon.

Jon and the Night King

jon and the night king theory

A great warrior of the North, who once died and was reanimated. I am talking about Jon Snow, or about the Night King, or about both? Night King also has the same story as Jon. It is believed that Jon Snow will end up becoming the Night King in order to save the world. In one of his interviews, George R. R. Martin stated that the end of Game of Thrones will be bittersweet. So this has made got fans into thinking that our hero, the northern bastard, the rightful heir to the throne, will sacrifice himself for the citizens of Westeros.

The Ruler Of Westeros

iron throne

It is the penultimate question about the series. Who will sit on the iron throne? With recent development between Jon and Dany in season 7( yes! Jonerys), this theory is popping up quite a lot lately. According to it, Daenerys will get pregnant with Jon’s Child and will give birth to a girl. She will be named Lyanna and will sit on the Iron Throne with Tyrion as her caretaker and her hand( as both Dany and Jon will die fighting The Night King).

Who is Azor Ahai?

azor ahai

This game of thrones theory is based on the prophecy about Azor Ahai. Azor Ahai was a legendary Warrior who will be born again. They’ll be born ‘amidst smoke and salt’ and ‘shall draw light from the fire burning sword, Lightbringer’. The two most suitable candidates are Jon and Dany, because of Jon’s amazing swordsmanship and Dany being born at the height of the storm. There are a lot of statements about them being Azor so we will discuss someone else who can be Azor – The Hound( Sandor Clegane). The two defining moments in Sandor’s life were the fire that burned him when he was a child( smoke), and the battle of Blackwater that almost killed him(Salt). So can he be Azor Ahai?

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