Top 9 Best Android Music Player Apps

Top 9 Best Android Music Player Apps

Music is arguably the purest art form. It Just connects with your soul. A lot can be known about you by the kind of music you listen. Be it Rap, Metal, Jazz, or even EDM you will find loads of good stuff in every genre. I personally like soft music – Coldplay, The smiths, The police are few of my favorites. For playing your favorite music you need a good music player app. You get a default music player in your phone but if you want a premium experience then there are a few good free music players for android that you should definitely check out.

Sometimes, I just want to plug in my ear phones, listen to my favorite music, and travel the world. Travel and music are like Timon & Pumba- unseparable. There are some amazing travel planning apps you should check out to sort your travel. Ok! Getting back to our main topic, here’s our list of-

Best Music Player app For your Android:


1. Phonograph


Phonograph is an open source android music player app with eye candy material design. The user interface matches beautifully with its design. The app is very easy to use with no complicated or overblown menus. With integration, Phonograph automatically fetches valuable information like artist’s image or biography. The UI dynamically changes color to match the main content of the music player. Lookwise, it is probably the best music player for android.

2. BlackPlayer


BlackPlayer supports all the basic file formats like mp3, WAV, OGG, etc. It has an build in equalizer, bassboost & 3D surround virtualizer or you can also use external equaliser. This android music player lets you view or even edit embedded lyrics. It has got an ID3 tag editor that can be used to edit tracks, albums and artists. You can also change themes, fonts, colors of the music player. Other key features include Sleep timer, music scrobbling, crossfading and many more.

3. Pulsar Music Player

pulsar music player

Like the name suggets, pulsar music player is fast, tiny, and ad-free. Yes!, it is a free music player and does not irritate users with ads. You can manage and play your music by album, artists, folder and genre. The app automatically syncs missing album/artist images. You can also select gapless playback of songs. Pulsar is compatible with Chromecast(Google Cast) and android auto. If you install this music player for your android device but cannot find your local music then click on “rescan library” from the menu to rescan your android device.

4. Shuttle Music Player


Shuttle is an another open source, light weight, contemporary looking music player for android. It has a 6-band equaliser with bass boost that gives you a lot of variation in how you want to play the song. Shuttle is also linked with and you can scrobble your songs by integrating the free music player with Shuttle also has a paid variant called Shuttle+ that has features like: ID3 editing, Folder browsing, Chromecast support, some extra themes, etc.

5. Poweramp


Poweramp is the most famous, one of the best android music player app having more than 50 million downloads. I am talking about the trial version here as it is free. You can also get the paid version in play store for $3.99/65 rupees.
The key features include: 10-band graphical equalizer with separate bass and treble adjsutments, crossfading, gapless song playing, embedded lyrics support, downloads missing album info, custom themes, and much more.
The trial version is same as the paid version but it will only work for 15 days. Try it now, and if you like it, get the paid version.

6. Rocket Player

rocket player

Rocket music player for android offers the same features that other mentioned apps here offer. The difference being is that the look and feel of this music player is on another level. It also lets you play custom playlists directly from home screen. It supports batch selection for selecting multiple songs at once to add to a playlist. Rocket music player also has a distinguished podcast feature that includes podcast manager and bookmarking podcasts.



AIMP was a PC music player first but they released a light version for Android OS too. It supports almost all the audio formats known to mankind. It is completely free but offers features that other music player
provide in their paid version. The app has by default two skins: dark bliss and light bliss but you can always download numerous custom themes. Other cool features are Internet radio(pretty cool!) and HTTP live

Note: The app may be unstable if you have a xiaomi device(based on MIUI firmware), but don’t restrain yourself from trying it once.

8. n7 Player


This music player is one of my favorite and by looking at the number of downloads and its rating I think it is yours too! n7 is an intuitive audio player that offers a very friendly and easy way to browse your music. It handles mostly all the mp3 formats and you don’t have to search for your favorite songs as it gives access to the whole library in an innovative way that you can control through gestures. It has a 10-band equalizer with some pre loaded sets or you can create your own preset. Other cool feature include tag editor, scrobbling, timer, etc.

9. Musicxmatch


Maybe this app does not belong to this category, or maybe it does because i love it so much. I might write another article for apps similar to Musicxmatch! Musicxmatch is a lyrics player app that has a collection of millions of song lyrics. It lets you get synchronised lyrics for youtube, spotify, google play music, and other music players. It even supports multiple languages which means you can see the lyrics in different language at real time. Not a bad way to learn a new language! For the listeners on the go, musicxmatch lets you play and view lyrics directly from the lock screen.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best music player apps for your android device. You can easily get them on google play or their official website. I hope you liked our list, comment down below if you feel i missed your favorite music player and i will try to add it to our list!

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