Top 9 Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

Top 9 Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

Game of Thrones Season 6 ended two months ago and left us with lot of answers and a few questions that will wonder in our minds for a year. It was inarguably the best season the show has given us. It is official that only two seasons of Game of Thrones are left(possibly only 13 episodes) which means a lot is gonna happen in season 7. Its production is already underway and you can speculate how big it’s gonna be with Maisie Williams‘s statement: nothing will prepare you for season 7. George R R Martin may publish The winds of winter this year and the book will overtake show’s story, but until then we only have the predictions to brace ourselves.



1. Jon and Arya reunited


Arya would be meeting a lot of people in season 7. Lady Melisandre, the Hound to name a few but the most awaited reunion is with Jon. She is in Riverlands now, the closest she has been to Winterfell in years and when she hears the news of Starks taking Winterfell, she will go back home. It won’t happen straight away but at some point next season we believe all the remaining Starks will be reunited.

2. Sam will learn something important at the Citadel


Samwell Tarly has finally reached Citadel. He will play a big role in the ultimate war. He will learn something important about the white walkers in the citadel which can turn useful for the Westerosies. Let’s just hope he sends a raven to Jon in time.

3. Wall is coming down and whose fault is it?


The wall was built 9000 years ago, the same time white walkers were seen last. Well, they are back now with a huge army of ice zombies. In the last episode of season 6 Benjen Stark pointed out that the wall was protected by some ancient magic, the same way the three-eyed raven’s cave was. That magic can be broken by the mark of the Night king, which is now stamped in Bran’s right arm and guess who is almost at the wall- Brandon Stark.

4. Nymeria and Arya will meet again


Only two Stark dire wolves remain- Ghost and Nymeria. It’s not confirmed that Nymeria is alive or not but get this, George R R Martin was asked about her in an interview and he said- I never create a weapon that won’t be used. So she is definitely coming back and Arya is in Riverlands, the same place she lost Nymeria.

5. Jon’s real Parentage


The Season 6 finale went out of its way to highlight Jon Snow’s secret Targaryen heritage but he himself doesn’t know that yet. Who will spill the beans to him? He might find that out from the crypts down below or eventually Bran will tell him.

6. Jaime Killing Cersei


Jaime has returned to King’s Landing only to find out that her sister is sitting on the Iron Throne. He gets to know that she is directly responsible for their last child’s death. Infamously known as the Kingslayer who slew the mad king for planning to use wildfire, Cersei only went one step further and used it. Then there is also the prophecy about the Valonqar which states that she will be killed by her younger brother and Jaime is few minutes younger than her.

7. Daenerys sitting on the Iron Throne

danny on throne

Dany is finally heading towards her real home, to take back all that was Targaryen’s. She has a humongous army and three dragons. Nobody at King’s Landing is capable of stopping her. She might have to fight Euron Greyjoy at some point in season 7 but even he won’t be able to stop her. She will sit on the Iron Throne!

8. CleaganeBowl: The Hound Vs The Mountain


They have fought once before, during the Hand’s tournament in season 1. The return of Hound in The broken man confirms Cleaganebowl at some point and it will most probably be in season 7. We all know about the rivalry between these two and now that the mountain has turned into a monster, this fight will be nothing but epic. Go Hound!

9. Mother of Dragons and the Prince who was Promised 


We all know who is the mother of dragons and Jon is most likely the Prince who was promised. Dany has sailed for Westeros and now with Jon’s known Targaryen lineage it’s almost inevitable that they both will form an alliance to save the world from white walker invasion.



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We would love to know about your predictions for season 7. Comment down below!


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