Best Websites to Download Games for free

Best Websites to Download Games for free

Downloading games online is too much of a hassle these days. Gone are the days when you used to free download games which were hardly a gigabyte in size. Gaming has comprehensively taken a giant leap of progress from the early 2000’s. And the better part of the decade has seen it all. It’s not just random games anymore.

The gaming studios these days work on so much more than just a basic story of how the good guy kills the bad guy in the end. No, the scenario has changed completely. Now, more priority is given to the detailing of the game, the continuity of the story, characterization, and whatnot. Today, I’m not just playing the game…I’m living it. Be it Ghost from the Call of Duty Franchise, or Ajay Ghale from Far Cry 4. I am them. Amazing graphics, awesome storyline, and unbelievable virtual characterization cause the games to be massive in size, like really huge! There are these two things that i love doing- Play video games and Watch Awesome anime.

Today, you will find a lot of websites where you can download games for free. But can you trust them? Can you really trust someone who has uploaded a 50 gig game on a website, and you download it without knowing its authenticity, only to find out that the game does not work, or that you face a lot of issues with it. I have faced this issue so many times where I have wasted my bandwidth on downloading these games. In the end, either your pc is infected with a virus, or you face some other error and system crashes. A noob like me might not know what to make out of the Frame per second ratio or the rendition rate. Thankfully, there are some good uploaders and repackers that can be found, whom not only are authentic, their uploads are considered to be the best. They can be found in most of the torrent website, but I just took the liberty and made a list of their personal website where you can find all their uploads in a classified manner.

Here is the list of best torrents website to Freely download games: 

i1 website to

i2 website to

Man..these developers are so cool! I mean look at the theme of their website. Apart from the awesome graphics, their gaming database is huge. You will find the representation of the games very convenient. I really like the way how they have classified the entire database in genres, with description. Also, they maintain a rating system for each game, so you will know which game is really good. You can always browse for comments and reviews if you have trust issues with the edition of the game or to find compatibility. Downloading is also very easy. The good thing about this website is that it does not have any advertisement, unwanted redirects, and is safe. The only downside to this website is their rips and uploads. It is usually bigger in size, whereas you can get better-compressed rips from other uploaders. Nevertheless, the website is very good!

i3 website to

This one needs no introduction at all. Formed n 1990’s, SKIDROW is responsible for cracking almost every game ever introduced. The Russian giants are considered the current best at the moment, releasing games soon after the official release. Like its peers, SKIDROW also has a massive database with thousands of downloadable games. It has gained a reputation by being at the pinnacle of its niche lot longer than other websites. You can download games for free here, with an installation guide and whatnot!

i4 website to

Torrentsnack is a very decent website. Like all the other gaming website on this list, it is included because it is very user-friendly, without any adverts, redirects or malware. Downloading games for free is very easy, plus it has a lot of variants and options on gaming platforms. One of its major highlights is its user base and review potential which helps you accurately on which game to download. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll like it.

i5 website to download free games


Probably the biggest entity in the game cracking business. CONSPIR4CY or more commonly known as CPY has released and cracked some of the very major games which came from big studios. They have cracked some of the most secure platforms like DENUVO-DRM protected Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, whose crack was released just after five days of its official launch. DAMNNN! They are regular with their updates and released, definitely give it a try!

i6 website to is quite famous among gamers. It offers games for almost all platforms ranging from PC all the way to Nintendo Wii. The website is pretty smooth without any advertisements and redirects like your usual torrent websites. The games are all updated and classified which makes it really easy to know what you want. Certainly good enough to make to this list!

i7 website to


Fitgirl repacks is my personal favorite. Like seriously, you will get almost all the games here. Plus Fitgirl is really a magician. After she is done with the rips, the total game size is reduced exponentially. She started repacking games for the love that she has for data compression. I admire and praise her amazing work. Also, she is a total badass and I’m in love with her(not kidding!!). Check out her FAQ page, she is not just any girl.

Honorable Mentions of other websites where you can download games for free: RG Mechanics, RG Revenants, RG Catalyst, Xatab, Kapital Sin, Blackbox Repacks.

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