About Top9Store

About Top9Store

If you are keen to keep up with the modern advancement in the field of technology. If you like gaming as much as every other kid on the block. If you are interested in sports and you passionately cheer for your favorite team. If you enjoy watching different genres of Movies and TV series and you want to know everything and anything that happens in it, then my friend, you are home!

Our Focus


Here at the Top9Store we experiment with a lot of cool stuff, and bring out some amazing content for you related to the current happenings in the field of technology.


This category talks about different genres of entertainment like sports, movies and TV series and extract the best of the best for you.

Games and Apps

This group consists of articles related to video games and latest apps for your phone(be it Android or IOS). We try to share info about some hip apps and games.

Top Buzz

Top Buzz notifies you about the latest happenings and doings that goes over the internet. Our aim to add this category is to post about the cool stuff that might attract you guys and get your attention.


Team Top9Store

  • Mohsin Khan (Ma07K)
  • Siddharth Rawat (rawsid96)