About Top9Store.com

About Top9Store.com

If you are keen to keep up with the modern advancement in the field of technology. If you like gaming as much as every other kid on the block. If you are interested in sports and you passionately cheer for your favorite team. If you enjoy watching different genres of Movies and TV series and you want to know everything and anything that happens in it, then my friend, you are home!

Our Focus 


Here at the Top9Store we will experiment with a lot of cool stuff, and bring out some amazing content for you related to the current happenings in the field of technology.


We will talk about different genres of movies and TV series, to bring out the best of the best for you.


Everybody follows at least one sport, be it soccer, cricket, or basketball. Catch all the latest news, rankings, featured content, and other cool stuff.

Games and Apps

Also find here all the content on the latest games and apps in all the platforms – PC, Android, IOS and etc.


Team Top9Store

  • Mohsin Khan (Ma07K)
  • Siddharth Rawat (rawsid96)
  • Cinephile Ron 


Mohsin Khan

Technology, sports, and entertainment, these are the things that best describes me! I am the co-owner and one of the editors at Top9store.

I love football! I’m a big Real Madrid and Manchester United fan, and I actively follow Soccer and Cricket. I have been blogging for sometime now, but I wanted to take it a step further to follow my passion. Hence, this website. I work as a Security Consultant at a Security Firm in Bangalore, India. I really enjoy what I do. I have learnt so much here. Everyday is a new experience!

I believe that everyone should take out time from their busy life to do things that they are passionate about. Through Top9store I am keeping my passion alive.

You can find me on :


Siddharth Rawat

Howdy, mates! This is really hard, writing about myself. Here it goes:

I am a 22-year-old computer science engineer from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. I like to play Cricket, Football, Table-Tennis. I also enjoy playing video games. My whole childhood was around these two things, Video games and Cricket. I like reading, travelling, going to new places, learning new things.

I always wanted to write, nothing in particular. So my friend Mohsin suggested about creating a blogging site, and i was up for it. I see top9store.com as a destination where all the hot content about latest technology, sports, entertainment, games and stuff is found. We will try our best to accomplish that. I hope you all will like our content.

You can find me on:


Cinephile Ron

I am a self proclaimed nerd who loves to watch and discuss movies. I live for the big blockbusters, but I enjoy all genres (except for horror lol).

Through Top9store I will share my thoughts, my love and passion for movies, TV shows, technology and anything and everything that our readers may like.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my articles. So if you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions don’t forget to leave a comment or write to me at speaktoronak@gmail.com.

Though I am new to social media, you can find me on:
Facebook – CinephileRon
Twitter – @CinephileRon

Live long and prosper ✌